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How do I install the temporary license(s) to enable the respective feature/options on a given CG card?



1. AFTER obtaining the appropriate temp license(s) file (i.e. xxxx.abalic) from either your Sales rep, or from a Support rep (via, or 1-800-Spirent), please SAVE the attached temp license file to your Desktop (or to a location or your      choice, though please remember the path).


2. From the Abacus GUI, go to View/System Information, and select the CG card for which you wish to apply the license to.


3. After selecting the CG card, apply the license by clicking on the Options tab (bottom-left half of this System Info window), and select/highlight the option/feature for which you wish to enable.


4. Next click on the 'Add Trial License' button, and locate the save xxxxx.abalic file; click 'Open', to install the temp license(s).


5. Close the System Information window, and reopen it (via View/System Information).  You should see the temp license installed for the option in question. It should be labeled to the effect of '30-day Trial…'

Product : Abacus,6.20,6.11 and below