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Landslide: How do I get debug trace level 10 when need a significant number of Mobile Subscribers to reproduce the issue on Landslide?



  • If a significant number of Mobile Subscribers are required to reproduce the issue, please telnet to the Test Server and login with username = password = cfguser.
  • Once you are logged in type: "enable-debug" and wait for the Test Server to recycle using the Test Server Admin window from the Landslide Graphical User Interface.
  • At end of the recycle, please run the test session and monitor the Reports tab from the Landslide Client GUI until you start seeing errors.
  • Keep the Test Server telnet window open and type: “trace –t 10” and leave the Test Session running for a few seconds or enough time but less than 15 seconds to get enough data on the issue that was reproduced then stop it.
  • From the Landslide GUI, open the Test Server Administration window and click on logs to collect the most recent logs like ts.log.9, ts_1.log.9 and ts_2.log.9. Note that if you are running Performance Accelerator on that Test Server, you will have to collect all the ts.logs for each instance TS0, TS1 and TS2. Please rename the ts.log files for each instance as the names are the same and could be overwritten if downloaded in the same folder.
  • After you are finished collecting the logs files, from telnet window, please type: “disable-debug”.


Product : Landslide