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Avalanche: What should I do, if I lose my IP on a 2700 Appliance?


 If you have lost your IP, try this, before contacting Customer Support:

  1. Plug a keyboard and monitor into the unit (take off the front bezel to do this)
  2. Log in using the username and password (username - root password - welcome).
    Note: If you have changed the username and password - you will need an RMA. Please contact Customer Support.
  3. After you have logged in:
    1. Perform a cd to the root ( cd ..)
    2. cd to /swat/bin
    3. Run the avmenu command (./avmenu).
      This will allow you to change the IP, set up network parameters, and update the software to different version.

These steps will get you started - if none of this information seems to help - please contact Customer Support. We can determine if you need an RMA.

Product : Avalanche