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Spirent TestCenter: How to upgrade a Spirent TestCenter Chassis with controller 2?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Chassis firmware upgrade
  • Supports only:
    • 9U
    • 11U
    • 2U
    • 3U
    • All others are controller 3.  (N4U, N11U, C1 and C100-MP units are not supported by this FAQ)

The process involves downloading the software/firmware, installing firmware and activating the test package. 
The upgrade takes 15 to 45min. Before you start the upgrade, please ensure all tests have stopped and all users are logged off. 
The example uses the files to upgrade a SPIRENT TESTCENTER chassis to version 4.48 
Note if you are upgrading to a later version, replace the 4.48 with the your version
The first step is to have all the required software and firmware files downloaded from the Customer Service Center at .  
Here is a list of all possible files needed for the upgrade.  Please refer to the version release notes if you are running a different version. 
On the Download page for the Spirent TestCenter files:  
  1. Spirent TestCenter Application, v4.48
  2. TCL 8.4.13 (configured for Spirent TestCenter Automation), v4.48 for Windows OR TCL 8.5.9 (configured for Spirent TestCenter Automation), v4.48 for Windows.  Required if you are setting up scripts for automation.   
  3. Spirent TestCenter Firmware for Chassis Controller 2, v4.48 for Windows 
  4. Avalanche Commander Edition - Software and Documentation, v4.48.1936 for Windows
Step 1 (install the applications):
  • In the following order 1) install the Spirent TestCenter Application.exe, 2) install the TCL tool for Spirent TestCenter Automation.exe, and lastly 3) install the Avalanche Commander software.   
Step 2 (extract firmware files):
  • Extract the "Spirent TestCenter Firmware for Chassis Controller 2" file to a temporary folder i.e. C:\FWtemp\  
  • NOTE: the picture below shows the Spirent TestCenter chassis with a controller version 2
  • Please check your chassis (Spirent TestCenter application | Tools | Equipment Information) for the controller version to download the correct firmware file.  
Step 3 (connect to the chassis):
  • Go to Start > All Programs > Spirent Communications > Spirent TestCenter 4.48 > Spirent TestCenter Application and open the application. 
  • In the Spirent TestCenter Application, go to Actions > Port Reservation. Click on the "Add Chassis" button and enter the chassis's IP address. 
  • The application will establish a connection to the chassis and list all available test modules. Do not need to check any ports.  Click OK to close the window.   
Step 4 (upgrade firmware on a chassis and test modules):
  • Go to Actions > Firmware Management.  In the firmware management window, select "Install (Use this to install new firmware on a chassis and test module)"
  • Click Browse to the directory of the firmware file saved on Step 2.  
  • Referring to the picture below.  Select the chassis ip address, then click Install.   
(for reference only) 
Step 5 (install a test package on a test module):
  • Browse to the test package firmware, default at "C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Spirent TestCenter 4.10\Firmware".   
  • Select the ports/group that you want the l4l7 package installed.  Click Install Test Package.  
(reference only)
Step 6 (Activate Test Package):
  • Continue on from the Firmware Management window, select Activate Test Package. All ports and port groups are listed in the Activate Test Package column. 
  • Select any ports or port groups to activate or switch between test packages in the New Test Package field. 
  • Please note the step is not needed if the port and port groups are assigned the correct test package. 
 (for reference only)
Important Notes: 
  • For MX cards the test package name is called l4l7Vm for layer 4-7 testing. 
  • For other card types such as CPU, CM and EDM cards, the test package is called l4l7
  • The stc test package is for the Spirent TestCenter application for layer 2-3 testing. 
  • Referring to the picture below for reference, the MX cards have two module profiles for l4l7, Functional and Performance mode. 
  • Select the mode that cards are licensed.  The Default mode is for stc or l2l3. 
 (for reference only)
Step 7 (close the Spirent TestCenter Application):
  • Close and exit the Firmware Management window.   
Step 8 The system is upgraded and the ports are ready for the Spirent TestCenter Layer4-7 Application.  
Step 9 Open the Avalanche Commander, add Spirent TestCenter chassis and reserve ports
  • Go to Admistrastion > Spirent TestCenter Chassis > Equipment > Add Chassis. 
  • Enter the chassis IP address and reserve ports.   



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