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Why am I Not seeing any circuits on the Frequent PM (Watch) List?


The DB space that create_delete_tables was using to build the fpm tables was full.

I modified local_senv and commented out the line that forces it to use the full db space. It is now using pmidbs4 which has free space.
cd /hekimian/pmint/appbin/
grep FPM local_senv
#export FPM_DATA_DBSPACE=pmidbs3
From onstat-d:
d246f888 6        0x1        6        1        2048     N        informix pmidbs3
d246f9e8 7        0x1        7        1        2048     N        informix pmidbs4
d2472c98 6      6      2          524286     0                     PO-- /dev/hekvg/copchunk205
d2472e58 7      7      2          524286     301725                PO-- /dev/hekvg/copchunk206
Reference: 1-199411301


Product : UNIX,Perform