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Avalanche: How to change the port media interface between copper and fiber on the Avalanche Commander?

  • Avalanche Commander
  • Spirent TestCenter Hypermetrics CM Card (supports both l2l3 and l4l7)
  • Spirent TestCenter CPU card (supports only l4l7)

The Avalanche appliance chassis and Avalanche test modules that reside on a Spirent TestCenter chassis support both copper and fiber interfaces. 

For example, the test modules CM-1G-D12, CM-1G-D4 and CPU-5002A support copper or fiber connection.

The default media is copper.  To switch the media from copper to fiber, in the Avalanche Commander application

  1. Go to Administration | Spirent TestCenter Chassis.
  2. Right-mouse select fiber under the Media column.
  3. Click on Provision and select Perform. 


Product : CPU,CM,L4-7,Avalanche