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Avalanche: what problems can cause the Avalanche Commander unable to reserve an Avalanche virtual port?

  • Avalanche Virtual Machine
  • Avalanche Commander
  • Spirent TestCenter application
  • Spirent license server
  • VM is setup correctly and is up and running, but cannot ADD the VM port(IP) in the Avalanche Commander application.

The VM ports are reserved in the Avalanche Commander application > Administration > Spirent TestCenter Chassis.    

  1. VM can ping the license server
  2. The license server can ping the VM
  3. Avalanche application/GUI can ping the VM
  4. If you get the error: "unable to reserve port" or a blank error message, check the followings:
  • Confirm the STv and Feature license files are copied to the correct directories on the license server. 
  • The stv port license file goes to the stv-licenses directory
  • The feature license file goes to the feature-license directory     
  • Reboot the license server -- SSH to the license server IP address: log in as "admin" with password "spt_admin", and type "reboot".  
  • Re-start the server. 
  • Log into the license server and type server status. 
  • If the server is down, type "server start".
  • If the license server status says “spirentd: The desired vendor daemon is down. (-97,121)”, check the licenses are installed in the correctly directory.   
  • Check the license format.  There must be carriage return at the line “#End of license” on both the STV and the Feature licenses.  
  • Enter a carriage return for the quoted line if it is missing.   
  • Check the license server DATE/TIME is current. 
  • Type date to display the current setting on the license server. 
  • The date is based on UTC time.  If it is off, the server cannot bring up the "desired daemon".  
    • To set the server date/time from the command line, example: date -s "25 APR 2014 18:55:00"
    • Please contact Spirent support if you need help.   

Product : Avalanche