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Why, when I run my custom attack in Avalanche, is it not sending the correct data?


Often, this is a simple case of the correct attack not being chosen, or having multiple copies in the threat database. 

Please follow these steps to resolve the issue.

  1. Confirm your new threat has the desired parameters, using Attack Designer.
  2. Ensure that your new threat has a unique name (different than any other threat listed in the database). 
    Also, it is helpful to include a meaningful description of the threat.
  3. If you have previously imported your threat to the database, please locate and delete it from the C:\Program Files\Spirent Communications\Spirent TestCenter [version number]\Layer 4-7 Application\database\threatex\ThreatDB directory. You must also delete the file called “threat_cache”.  
  4. Open the Avalanche GUI and import the threat into the database. 
    1. Go to Actions >Attack Lists tab.
    2. Open the editor, and choose Import.
      Note: When you open the editor it will rebuild the database.
  5. After you have imported the file, close and reopen the GUI, and the threat will be available for selection in the Attack Editor.

Product : Avalanche,Vulnerability,L4-7,ThreatEx,Avalanche