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Spirent TestCenter:How do you set the IP address of the DNS on a Spirent TestCenter Lab Server?



  • Tested on ACC-0015A,B,D Lab Server
  • Versions 4.39 or later
  1. Telnet to the Lab Server
  2. username/pw = admin / spt_admin
  3. enter "dns <ip address of the DNS> 
  4. Note you can enter up to 2 DNS IPs.  Separate the IP addresses by a space.
         localhost.localdomain (Linux release 2.6.18-92.el5PAE #1 SMP Tue Jun 10 19:2
     2:41 EDT 2008) (4)

     login: admin
     Last login: Thu Sep 15 11:33:11 from

     Spirent TestCenter - Spirent Communications, Inc.

     Welcome admin.
     Type help for a list of commands
     admin>> dns


Product : LabServer