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SmartBits: How do I reset breaker on SmartBits SMB-6000C if it will not power up?



I recommend to see if the issue is fixable on site by resetting the breaker by following the exact steps and please notice the note.
SmartBits 6000C Circuit Breaker
The SmartBits 6000C chassis is controlled by a 15 Amp, 250V circuit breaker located in
the rear rocker panel and does not use fuses. This is built into the switch.
If you have a power failure:
1 Turn off the chassis (power switch at the rear of the chassis).
2 Wait 10 seconds.
3 Turn the chassis back on (power switch at the rear of the chassis).
Note: After the chassis is powered back on, make sure that the power inhibit switch
button, located on the front panel, is pressed in
note: (see Figure 1-6 on page 16 in attached Hardware document).

Product : SmartBits