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Why do I get this error "can't find package SPI_AV" when I try to run a TCL script for Avalanche


if you recive the error "Cant find pckage SPI_AV" it is very likely that the AutoPath Statment that resides in the Test.TCL file is incorrectly set

The Error Will look something like this, when you try to run your test

 C:\New folder\http_GET_10>tclsh test.tcl

Please refer to your instaltion Directory for Exact Version number- AutoPath Statement should look like this (Defaults shown) -

set auto_path [linsert $auto_path 0 "C:/Program Files/Spirent Communications/Spirent TestCenter xxxx/Layer 4-7 Application/TclAPI"]

whrere xxxx = version number


An exception occurred: can't find package SPI_AV
can't find package SPI_AV
    while executing
"package require SPI_AV"

Product : Avalanche