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Why I see the activation rate is reduced when I run SGW Nodal mobility test with 333,333 MNs and 1000 activation rate per one process on Landslide 7100?


If customer runs mobility test on SGW Nodal, the “Traffic Start” (Data) is forced to "When Session Established".  In this case, we have to be careful to not overdrive the system with too much data, too fast of activation rate for too many subscribers.  Generally, the mobility test will cost more resources, so it looks to us like a classic case of over-provisioning. We suggest customer add Data Start delay timer to let total sessions establish, then MNs start to send data traffic. I setup data start delay = 334 seconds, and verified the all sessions connected with the 1000/sec.

Product : 7100,Landslide,LTE,Landslide Client