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What modules does the Spirent TestCenter SPT-3U support, for example does it support the MX-10G-C8?


Look at the silver label on the back of the chassis and see what version is printed to the right of "CHS-3U Rev A1". If the revision starts with an "A" or a "P" then this chassis supports all models with the exception of the copper interface versions of the MX and FX family. These unsupported models would be:



Chassis with a revision of "B" or newer support all TestCenter test modules.

Note: Chassis with revision "A" or a "P" can be upgraded to support the Copper interface modules, please see your Spirent Representative for details. Please reference the ACC-2016A upgrade kit.

*All, MX-10G-Sx cards are supported.

Product : Chassis,Spirent TestCenter