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Why Spirent TestCenter Virtual (STCv) VM ports do not come up after setting for a Port Group Size of 4?


Spirent TestCenter Virtual.

  • After changing the port group size to 4 (as we wanted multiple ports per VM), the VM fails to come up after an activate and reboot.
  • Case 1 : It gets stuck at the point "Starting System Manager daemon ccpu1"
  • Case 2 : It gets stuck at the point "Starting usr/spirent/bin/bsdnetd"

Case 1 :

Make sure if we change the number of ports, the additional virtual NICs need to be added under the VMware edit settings dialog.
We need to make sure that the number of vmxnet3 NICs equal the number of test ports.

Case 2 :

ESX5.5 with Spirent TestCenter Virtual version 4.33 and 4.38 had an issue whcih is resolved with 4.40

Product : STC Virtual