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How can I test for PRBS (Bit errors) on Spirent TestCenter?

  • PRBS testing
  • PRBS injection
  • L1 PRBS
  • L2 PRBS

Set traffic with PRBS pattern fill. (PRBS pattern for a Stream (not Stream Block) is continuous across frames.)

If any errors occur in the payload with the PRBS pattern, TestCenter will detect a PRBS error.

Here is some information on Spirent behavior for PRBS results.

1. Port counters will give you PRBS Bit Error Count and Ratio when saving results
2. Detail Stream counters will give you the same depending on the Results window mode.

The one note to know is item 2 when running RFC tests.
For the RFC tests we only show PRBS on the Port view.
RFC testing will put the Detailed Stream Results window into Inter-arrival mode and will not have any PRBS info in Detail Stream counters but it will show PRBS info in the Port under the “Analyzer Port Results Summary View”.
These are the expected behaviors.

So to get PRBS Errors in Detailed Stream Results, just run the Traffic with Detailed Results mode not set to Inter-arrival or run the Wizard and use the Custom Test.

TestCenter can detect bit errors in all our modules as you can see in the port and stream counters under the Errors tab.

Injecting bit errors - PRBS                                                                                                    


In Layer 1 mode we have a manual button that simply injects an error when you click on the button. We do not have the ability to control an induced bit error rate.
Below is a snapshot of the Layer1 GUI. You can find this info in the help of the Spirent GUI.

enlightenedNOTE:  This L1 PRBS data generation capability is NOT available on all the cards, is most likely for some old cards. 

As per the docummentation the following cards should support this:

  • FX-100G-F1/2.  MX-100G-F1/2.  FX-40G-F1/2.  MX-40G-F1/2.  FX-100GO-F1/2.  MX-100GO-F1/2.
  • FX-100G-P2, MX-100G-P2

yes The old cards we have tested are:

  • MX-100G-F1
  • MX-100G-F2

Please add the cards you find this L1 PRBS data generation capability is available for.

no Some new cards this feature is not available anymore:

  • FX3-100GQ-T2
  • MX3-100GQF32-T2
Please add the cards you find this L1 PRBS data generation capability is NOT available anymore for.


Product : Spirent TestCenter