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Spirent TestCenter : How to configure specific burst packet in Spirent TestCenter?

  • Spirent TestCenter

Requirement: Configure 100Mbps packets with frame size 64 bytes in a 1G port. Require to send 10ms with uniform speed then stop for 10ms then send it again in the same way.

1.       Calculate packet per second: 1000000000/ (96+8*8+64*8) * 0.1= 148809.524 packets/s
2.       Calculate bursts value per second: 1s/(10ms+10ms)=50 bursts/s
3.       Calculate burst size: 148809.524 / 50 = 2976.19 packets/burst
4.       Calculate bits per burst: 10ms*(1000000000 bits/s)=10000000 bits
5.       Calculate IFG: 2976.19*(IFG+8*8+64*8)=10000000, so IFG=2784bits=348 bytes
In the Spirent TestCenter, set burst size to 2976, IFG to 348 byte, load to 10%, then you will get this specific burst packet as requirement.

Product : Spirent TestCenter