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Spirent TestCenter: How do I recover a Spirent TestCenter card or module when it is not functioning, experiences a red LED, error or alarm status, or is unreachable or port unavailable due to unknown or unexpected causes?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Test Module
  • Test Module is not comming up
  • Spirent Card is not comming up
  • Test module not working

The following actions may resolve or at least help isolate the root cause of the problem:

  1. Verify what is the minimum firmware to run that specific module - FAQ11712 - Spirent TestCenter: What is the minimum firmware version required to run a specific module?
  1. Verify the chassis has all power supplies installed or at least, that the power supply for that specific slot where the card is not booting up is present.
  1. Try a soft reset of the card (module) or port group in the GUI Equipment View:
    • In the Gui Go to Tools -> Equipment Information -> Equipment View -> in the Test Module tab, Select the card and Reboot or in the Port Group tab, Select the card Port Group and Reboot  
  1. Try removing slot context on the card: FAQ10343 - Spirent TestCenter: How to delete a test module context files and why do we need to do it?
  1. Reseat the test module, ideally try in a different slot (a known working one) than the current one.
    • You can swap a slot with a card that is currently working.
  1. If that does not resolve, then perform a hard boot of the card as follows:
    • Hot Swap - Reseat the card (use a paper clip to insert in the Hot Swap hole until the card light starts flashing green, then release the paper clip. After the card status lights stops flash reseat the card). 

      Note1: there are a few cards that do not have Hot Swap button and you will not need to take that step for those cards.

      Note2: there may occur an instance where the light may not change to green flashing as is the normal procedure. If this occurs the best method is to just proceed with the reseat of the card and retry the hot swap or swap slots.
    • Hot Swap - Relocate the card (use a paper clip to insert in the Hot Swap hole until the card light starts flashing green, then release the paper clip. After the card status lights stop flashing, remove the card and try in another slot).
  1. Try to Reboot / Power cycle the chassis by doing:
    a.    A simple push and release of the power button in front initiate a graceful shutdown.
    b.    Disconnect the power cord button (SYSTEM) for 15 or so seconds.
    c.    Connect power button again
    d.    Power on the chassis again
    e.    Wait for all the cards to be online and see if the card in question now shows up
    • enlightenedRefer to FAQ17106 - Spirent TestCenter: How to gracefully shutdown Spirent TestCenter chassis?
  1. Replace the card RTC battery with a new CR2032 disk battery
    • enlightenedRefer to: FAQ17170 - Spirent TestCenter modules - Why did my Spirent TestCenter module stop working after I rebooted, reseated or power cycled the chassis. The Status LED is always red.
  1. Try the same card into a different chassis and test.
  1. Try to remove the middle dram on mini morph 3 and then boot it up again, and do the same thing with the other dram maybe one of the drams went bad, you can still run with one dram (While you waiting for the dram replacement, in applies)
    1. As mentioned above the test module will boot up with a single DIMM installed.  The DIMM module should be installed at J9 (slot-1 of memory channel-0).  The performance will be degraded if the DIMM modules are not populated accordingly
    2. enlightenedThe failing dram could be any of them, removing the one in the middle is just to start the debugging to isolate the problem.

if the last option works (I mean, the card works in a different chassis), we need to consider RMA just the chassis controller.

Please raise a ticket with support and provide the details of your test using the guidance above, provide as much details as you can as well as all possible logs (Diagnostic Report, Chassis Logs, etc)

If you're signed in to the CSC, you can access the Spirent TestCenter Hardware Reference for further details.