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How do I resolve a sgsSession number/range format configuration error when trying to run a MSC Node Test Case on Landslide?



Per the Performance table below that you can find in the Landslide Online Help, Session Capacity and Performance, Test Server Data Performance section by selecting Landslide 10.0 -7100 Session capacity and Performance Numbers.
You will see that the MSC node Extreme Base is 500,000 Sessions, which means 500,000 sessions running on a single processor when port reservation is disabled. However, when you use port reservation, it implies 3 processors will be used to achieve the 1,000,000 sessions with ~ 333,333 sessions per processor.
In the test you configured port reservation, used 2 processes for MME nodal test cases and the MSC Node on the third process with 500,000 sessions which automatically generate the following ts0(SUP31):p0(0):tc0: ERROR: sgsSession number/range format error to indicated that you have exceeded the maximum allowed per process.
Please either reduce the MSC node sessions to 333,333 which will imply reduction of the MME nodal sessions as well or configure the MSC node without port reservation on another test server to run with the 2 MME nodal test cases on this test server.

Product : Landslide Client,Landslide