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How to change the Abacus channels in the Set by API


To change the Abacus channels used in Set, you need to select the set and after that change the channels value, below sample tcl api script:

package require tclreadyapi

::aba::ApiApplication app

::aba::ApiPnT pnt

::aba::DatSetlist setlist

app Enter localhost

app Load "ICG_SIP_Sample.env"

::aba::ApiSystemInformation sysinfo

sysinfo SetConnection ""

set sipsub [pnt GetCurrentConfig "ICG_SIP" "Subscriber"]

setlist ImportFromXMLString $sipsub

set tmpset [setlist GetByIndex_set 0]

$tmpset.setassociation.setchannels GetValue

# Change the old value to new value

$tmpset.setassociation.setchannels SetValue 1

$ SetValue 1

pnt UpdateSet [$tmpset ExportToXMLString]

pnt GetCurrentConfig ICG_SIP "Subscriber"

Product : Abacus,Abacus,Automation