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TCP stats in Avalanche.


There are 11 TCP stats in Avalanche TCP stats, they are:

LISTEN                  Listen for SYN request from  remote
SYN-SENT             After SYN sent, waiting for response
SYN-RECEIVED     Received a SYN and response a SYN/ACK, waiting for the confirmation of the SYN/ACK
ESTABLISHED      TCP connection is established.
(client side)
FIN-WAIT-1            Sent a FIN and waiting for the confirmation of the FIN
FIN-WAIT-2            Received the confirmation for the previous FIN, and waiting for FIN from peer.
TIME-WAIT            Received FIN and response ACK, waiting for 2xMSL then go to close=
(server side)
CLOSE-WAIT         Received FIN and response ACK, tell APP to close, waiting for APP
LAST-ACK             Received APP message, and send FIN to peer, waiting for confirmation
(Both on client and server)
CLOSED                No TCP connections

CLOSING               Waiting for Remote TCP confirmation for interrupt

TCP Connection Termination Procedure


TCP Connection Termination Procedure



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