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Landslide: Error during firmware upgrade or license installation (an FTP operation to the Landslide system): "Problem during file upload: PORT"

Using Landslide, the error "Problem during file upload: PORT" (shown below) happens as the result of an ftp operation – like when attempting an upgrade, license install, retrieving logs, etc.

Landslide error: Problem during file upload: PORT

The cause of the problem is the Windows Firewall, and has most often been observed on a Windows 7 client.
To fix the problem, follow these steps to temporarily disable Windows Firewall:
1)      Go to Start menu
2)      Right click on Computer (or My Computer)
3)      Select “Manage”
4)      When Computer Management window pops up select “Services and Applications” on the left
5)      Select “Services” and click the Standard tab at the bottom of the screen
6)      Right click on “Windows Firewall” and select Stop

One the Windows Firewall has been stopped, complete your Landslide upgrade/license install and then restart Windows Firewall.

Product : LSonSTC,7100,2950,2900,TAS Manager,Landslide Client