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Is VLAN stacking (Q-in-Q) supported in Avalanche?


Q-in-Q (or QinQ), also known as VLAN stacking, is a Ethernet networking standard that allows additional VLAN tags to be inserted into an existing 802.1Q-tagged frame. This allows you to have an Ethernet frame with multiple VLAN tags. You enable VLAN stacking using an Action list (see Help for further details).


  • VLAN stacking is supported on the client side only (no server support).
  • The client side supports up to 8 VLAN tags for VLAN stacking.
  • The server side supports one VLAN tag in the Subnets tab.
  • If you are using multicasting with client and server directly connected back-to-back, VLAN stacking is not supported. One VLAN tag is supported. However, if you use more than one, the client's VLAN tags will not match the server's single VLAN tag.
  • The valid range for a VLAN ID is 1 – 4094



Product : Avalanche,L2-3,Avalanche