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How to install studio performance 6 vm


1.   Download the ova file at:

2.   You need a license

3.   You need:

       Internet Access. Internet access is required for activation of the license key, for updates to Mu Studio Performance, and for Store access (to view and download test content from the Store). You should ensure that your firewall (or HTTP Proxy, if configured during system setup) allows access to the following locations:
        Account Authorization & Store Search (
        Store Download (
        Supported Web Browsers. Mu Studio Performance supports the following web browsers:
        Chrome 10+ (with auto-updates turned on)
        Firefox 10+ (with auto-updates strongly-recommended)
        Other web browsers, such as Safari or Internet Explorer, are not officially supported but might work for some UI activities; use unsupported browsers at your own risk.

4.   Then refer to


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