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Avalanche: Why does Avalanche hang when importing test from TCL?

  • Avalanche 4.10 and above
    • Tcl script generated from Avalanche Commander GUI
      • test.tcl
      • config.tcl
      • data directory

Often when the test will not import it is due to one of the following:

  • This feature, which only became available as of the 4.10 release, will only import TCL tests using the new API format that also became available with the 4.10 release.
    • Please do not try to import TCL tests created in earlier versions
  • As specified in the release notes (available on the support site at, the new API uses version 8.5.11 TCL API with version 4.10.  If you were using an older version of TCL when the test was exported, the test will run in TCL but you will not be able to re-import it.
  • Finally, make sure you point to the 8.5.11 version of TCL in the Avalanche GUI by going under 
         TOOLS -> Preferences -> TCL Interpreter -> Path to TCL Interpreter

NOTE: Please check release notes to confirm the TCL version recommended for your particular release.

Product : L4-7,Automation,Avalanche