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ERROR on E2010S control panel for LTE RA v4.6.0 release


You may encounter error indication after you install from previous v3.0.5.2 release to v3.1.0.2 release, when you check from the E2010S control panel, you will see Error on the control panel.


You can also check the Putty log and see below information.


Loading AWGN Generator driver ...

0x13804ac0 (InstrDrvAWGN):  00576 int AWGNGen::getDefaultValues() ERROR: feature AWGN not licensed (error code: -4).
01/01/1970 00:22:20 Process "InstrDrvAWGN" end monitoring.
01/01/1970 00:22:20 Launch DKM: InstrDrvChnEmu

 If you encounter this failure, please check whether the license file on the E2010S have the correct AWGN license and if not, please check with spirent support personnel to get the proper license.


Another possibility is that the "Local Area Connection 3" is enabled for DHCP on the e2010. For the short term disable the Local Area Connection 3 on the e2010 and reboot the e2010.




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