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Loading a VR5 configuration file normally takes quite a while. How can I tell when the configuration file loading operation has finished?


The configuration file load RPI command([SYSTem]:[FILE]:LOAD) provided by VR5 is designed as blocking call, which means unless the operation is finished there is no command prompt returned and you won’t be able to send any following up RPI command.  So there is no need to have associated status checking command for that.

Here is procedure recommended by Spirent:
1. Use "SYST:FILE:LOAD yourConfigFilename" to load your configuration file.
2. And then just use "ERR?" to query for the response.
Once you are able to get the response on ERR? Command, it is enough to assume the “Loading configuration” operation is finished. And based on the error code you received from the response, you can identify the operation is success or not.

Product : VR5,VR5