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Avalanche: How do I change the date and time on an Avalanche Appliance, STC chassis or a Virtual License Controller?


Telnet to the appliance/chassis.  For the Virtual License controller, ssh to it.  You must log in as root: 

Note having the correct date and time is required for Avalanche and STC Virtual Machines to check out licenses from the license controller and when executing tests. 

Command to change the date / time: 

1) cd /etc

2) root@(none):/etc# ln -sf /usr/share/zoneinfo/PST8PDT localtime

3) root@(none):/etc# date -s "11:41:30 March 16, 2013"


1) root@localhost# date -s "11:41:30 March 16, 2013"

2) root@localhost# exit 

Product : Spirent TestCenter,Virtual,Avalanche,STC Virtual