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iTest: In iTest how to access same device in parallel


Spirent iTest


If we need to access same router in parallel, we can have a loop calling procedure that runs in a new thread.

In this way, each call ends up running in a new thread. There are a few things to keep in mind: 

  • If we open a session in the calling procedure we need to make sure that the session name must be unique for each iteration.
  • We need to build some logic to wait for all spawned threads to finish execution. The default behavior is that the main thread does not communicate with spawned threads. Typically, at some point in our test case we would like to wait for all spawned threads to finish before proceeding in the main thread and this is where we need to build test case logic. This is done using waitthread command.

Attached is the testcase for reference.


Product : iTest Enterprise