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How to compare two TestCases/SessionProfiles/Text files in iTest?


 On iTest workspace, select two files using Ctrl key for which comparison is needed,

these files can be two testcases/test reports/session profiles/text files/...
and give a right click and select "Compare With" --> "Each Other"
For example consider two text files and compare them.
Differences are shown in the compare editor. The left side shows the contents of file1.txt and the right side shows the contents of file2.txt. The lines connecting the left and right panes indicate the differences between the files and you can observe that the difference identified on each line is highlighted in Gray color.
By default difference of two files is shown in XML format, we can also view the difference in HTML and Text formats.
In order to view either in  HTML or Text formats, respective files needs to be exported to required format and then comparison can be done.
Note: We can also compare test reports from test reports view.

Product : iTest Enterprise