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Spirent TestCenter: I see the words "Warn" and "Error" for the temperature sensors on the chassis front LCD panel display, should I be worried?

  • SPT-9000A
  • SPT-3U
  • SPT-N4U
  • SPT-11U
  • SPT-N11U

On the front LCD panel we display three values for each of the temperature sensors. They are "Current", "Warn" and "Error".

  • The 'Current' value is what the sensor is actually reading.
  • The 'Warn' and 'Error' are informational to let the user know what the levels are that each sensor should stay below and sometimes cause confusion.
  • If the “Current” is reading at or above the Warn level then this is a concern and the chassis “Temperature” led should turn from green to Amber or Red.
    • Amber indicates it is at or above the ‘Warn’ level but not above the ‘Error’ Level.
    • Red indicates the sensor is above the ‘Error’ level then it turns red and the chassis might cause some connection issues with the GUI if you are connected at the time.

If you are connected to the chassis with the GUI when any of the sensors reaches the 'Warn' level, a message will be displayed in the Log section at the bottom of the GUI.

The threshold values may be different from sensor to sensor because the sensors are measuring different functions. For example, the L1-1 sensor is built into one of the larger integrated circuits and does usually read much hotter than the BP1-x sensors. All values are in Centigrade. 

NOTE: If you are experiencing a real error condition then it is advised that you discontinue use of the chassis and turn off the power until the issue is resolved because some of the test modules inserted in the chassis may be damaged by the elevated heat.

Product : Chassis