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How to define a reference session profile in iTest ? What is its purpose?


To specify that a session profile is a reference session profile, we configure the session profile in the normal way and then specify one additional property setting:

  • On the Misc page, check the This is a reference session profile check box.

From now on, when we are defining other session profiles, the reference session profile will appear in the drop-down Inherit from list on the Session Profile editor’s Start page.


We can use a reference session profile to store the common configuration settings for a class of similar devices. Say if we have two session profiles A & B where A is set as the Reference Session profile and B is set to refer the profile A ,then profile B inherits all of its property settings from profile A. We can then make minor changes to profile B and it is ready to use.

 For example, all RX5000 routers share most settings but each has a unique IP address. We create a single reference session profile that we can use to start a session with any RX5000. Whenever we need to configure a session connection with any RX5000 device, we can use the reference session profile as the starting point and then modify the IP address and perhaps some other settings and be ready to go.

 It will save us a lot of time to use a reference session profile as the template when we add a new session profile configuration. We invest the time in maintaining the reference session profile with appropriate settings and the definitions of prompts that the session can return. Then, to add the new profile, we identify the reference profile, make a few minor changes, save it with a new name, and we are ready to go.

Product : iTest Enterprise