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Spirent TestCenter: How to set DRV to only use the Drop count from the expected Rx port instead of all the other ports that receiving the same stream ID?

  • Spirent TestCenter
    • Dynamic Results View - DRV
    • v4.24
  • Use analyzer preload and add filter IsExpected > 0 in the DRV to remove flooded streams.
  • If you see unexpected streams show up as “Is Expected”, delete all analyzer streams if you had streams on analyzer before you enabled the preload.
  • One method to delete all analyzer streams is to first set "Delete inactive stream from memory". This can be found in Settings under the Traffic tab.
  • Next inactivate all streams and click apply. Then set the Analyzer preload option if not already checked, then activate all streams and click apply.
  • Note that "Is Expected" column only works with Analyzer Preload.
    • If Analyzer Preload is not enabled, the "Is Expected" column will always show a value of "1"
    • There is a CR: 518517362 open to allow Analyzer Preload to be supported with Q-in-Q devices.
    • So currently if you have a configuration with Q-in-Q devices, the "Is Expected" column will not work since Analyzer Preload is not supported.
    • Work around is to use the Port Stray Frames column.
      • This can be enabled in Settings->L2L3 Results->Collect Stray Frames
      • Then in the DRV go to Streamblocks->Basic Counters

Product : Spirent TestCenter