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Spirent TestCenter: Automation- How to install linux client application and set environment variables?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • Automation
  • Linux Operating System

Download the required Spirent TestCenter Linux application from the FTP or CSC link:

Installation Steps:

1. Copy the installer to the location onto your Linux server where you want to install it.
2. Gunzip the package using the command – “gunzip 104008457.Spirent_TestCenter_Auto_Linux_x.xx.tar.gz”. You will now see that the installer is unzipped and you will find “104008457.Spirent_TestCenter_Auto_Linux_x.xx.tar” available at the location.
3. Issue the “tar –xvf 104008457.Spirent_TestCenter_Auto_Linux_x.xx.tar” command to untar the package.

Setting environment variables:

1. Set the TCLLIBPATH environment variable to point to the pkgIndex.tcl file in the package – for example : “/home/tools/4.10/Spirent_TestCenter_x.xx/Spirent_TestCenter_Application_Linux/”
2. Execute tclsh and issue the command “package require SpirentTestCenter” to load the STC packages.


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