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How iTest behaves if the access to the database server got disconnected while executing a testcase?

  • iTest
  • External Test report Database (MYSQL)

If the connection/communication got lost to database server while executing any testcase in iTest, the test case will not continue with the next steps and it will keep waiting for the next action (but we can observe that the testcase execution time will be increasing).

Steps to check this behavior:

  • Connect to a MYSQL database server from iTest preferences page and restart iTest to apply the server settings.
  • Start test case execution.
  • Disconnect the MySQL server access (disconnect LAN connection in server machine) to the test running machine.
  • The testcase execution will hang at some step and not continue with the next steps.
  • Do a refresh in "Test Reports" view then it will pop-up a “Fetching Recent Report Item...” error as shown below.
  • Re-connect to LAN in server machine, then the test case execution will complete with a  fail and generates in-complete test report (the report will generate till the step was executed before the SQL server connection got lost).






Product : Velocity Portfolio,Velocity iTest