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How to synchronizing two VR5 instruments under MIMO OTA test environment


If you have two VR5 for MIMO OTA testing, you need to synchronize thme before test, you can refer to the following steps on how to synchronize them.

Step 1, Make sure every VR5 instrument have the unique IP address, by default, primary VR5 have the IP address :,and secondary VR5 have the IP address :

Step 2, Configure from VR5 Spatial Channel Emulator software to add secondary VR5, to do this, you need to firstly connect to the primary VR5 with IP address :, and then from the configure menu, select "Additional VR5 Instruments" as below picture:

Step 3: Setup the connection with secondary VR5 with IP address

Step 4: Verify the connections for the secondary VR5 instrument, after the procedure is done, the prmary VR5 will show the connection status : "Connected", close the window.



Product : VR5,VR5