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Abacus: I got ICG Software error / Initialization error when I start to run a VoIP test. What is happening?

  • User has configured a simple back to back test VoIP test using ICG - SIP.
  • He got this error message without further details. 

This error output could be somewhat confusing,as it is implying something very major.  However, for most of the time, it is only a simple IP addressing error.  For example, if there is a duplication of IP addresses, wrong network mask, or the system is unable to resolve the IP addresses using DNS.  Users are advised to check:-

  • if there are other related error messages in the Event and System Event windows, and
  • on the configuration whether the proper IP addresses, network mask, Gateway and DNS servers addresses are properly entered.

Product : Abacus,Voice,6.20,6.11 and below