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REACT, TINT: Why is there several files called 'equipment_code.dat' in different locations on a REACT and TINT install.


File: /hekimian/tint/2001_dat/equipment_code.dat
This file is used by word_analysis and contains the HECIG codes found on TIRKS WORDs.  The entries here reference rules in equipment_class.dat and are used to build the devices in the REACT circuit layout.

File: /hekimian/tint/equipment_code.dat
This file is a legacy file from prior to word_analysis.  TINT requires the file to be there but it is no longer used to determine what equipment is built in REACT circuit layout.

File: /hekimian/react/equipment_code.dat or /hekimian/react/hdi
These are legacy files related to REACT 2000 and valid ‘hekimian’ equipment codes.  These are not used in building the REACT circuit layout.