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Avalanche: How to increase FTP bandwidth?


Single FTP user goodput traffic is very low about 60Mbps, need to be increased.


By default setting under FTP server profile, Burst Size is 15000 bytes and Burst Interval is 2 ms, then current FTP session goodput=15000*8*(1000/2)=60Mbps.

If want to get more FTP bandwidth, increase Burst Size or decrease Burst Interval. For example: set Burst Size to be 25000 and Burst Interval to be 1 ms, then current FTP session goodput=25000*8*(1000/1)=200Mbps.

For more, Burst Size=15000 bytes and Burst Interval=2 ms is the default setting for client side, need change it if want to get more FTP put traffic. For example:
1 <USER=anonymous PASSWD=anonymous> <MODE=BINARY> <BURST_SIZE = 25000> <BURST_INTERVAL=1>

Product : Avalanche,L4-7,Avalanche,FTP