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Positioning Application: Can a sequence of Ephemeris data files be used to control a constellation ?

  • PosApp
  • SimGEN
  • SimREPLAYplus
  • A RINEX file can be employed to load one set of emphemeris data per satellite in the constellation, this can be done using the "upload orbits from file" function in the constellation signal sources area of the scenario tree. 
  • If you want to change the ephemeris data being used throughout a scenario, in effect employ cutovers between data sets you will use the User Defined Data function of the software. 
  • Refer to the SimGen Software User Manual DOC10122 for the details of the ephemeris data file format.
  • User Defined Data is possible for GPS and GLONASS constellations ( GlONASS from v4.03 SR01 onwards) it is NOT currently possible for BeiDou, Galileo or IRNSS constellations.
  • Multiple Data sets can be complied in one file and time ordered to take effect at progressive intervals throughout the scenario. FAQ11882 explains how this is done.


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