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Abacus: I got an script holdoff error when I run a test with CAS signaling. What is the reason for the error and what should I do?




Script Hold Off is an error event when a call is being established but the call is not accepted by the terminating side.  This is applicable to PSTN signaling, with the exception of analog line.  With PSTN signaling, there is an answer signal returned to the originating side when the called side answers the call.  If there is no answer signal after a pre-defined time, an error event of script hold off will be output.  What this means is that the system can not proceed to execute the script further as the call is not completed. 

Since there is no answer signal returned to the originating side when analog signaling is used, this script hold off event is not applicable.

Users may change the predefined timeout for script hold off under the Thresholds and Errors.

Product : Abacus,Analog,6.20,6.11 and below,SS7,ISDN,CAS