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STCLive T&D: Why is second access I make via STCLive T&D showing access information from the first test?


This is caused by having the Temporary Internet Files setting in the Internet Explorer set incorrectly.


  1. Select a service.
  2. Make an access and run test.
  3. Release the access.
  4. (optional) Release the service.
  5. (optional) Access another service.
  6. Make an access to a different access point then the first test.
  7. Attempt active/passive/ect access, the information populated is from previous test (different access information than what you are trying to test).

To resolve this issue.  Following is example for IE 8.  Steps to the menu may vary in different version of Internet Explorer.

  1. Logout of STCLive T&D.
  2. Launch Internet Explorer.
  3. Launch Internet Options.  Tools - Internet Options.
  4. On the General tab, check the "Delete browsing history on exit" radial.
  5. On the General tab, choose Browsing history - Settings.
  6. From Temporary Internet Files and History Settings window - Check for newer versions of stored pages, choose the "Every time I visit the webpage" radial.
  7. Exit the windows by choosing Apply or OK.
  8. Done.  The problem will be cleared.




Product : VW Controller T&D Classic