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VR5: Why I see 13dB output power level difference from VR5 GUI and DEE template?


When you connect the XD5 through VR5, and load the DEE files you want to play, you will find there is around 13dB power level difference between the template and VR5 output settings:

For example, from DEE template, you will see:

B1 Output Power Level = -30dBm

B2 Output Power Level = -30dBm

Those values are selected from DEE template, after you export the DEE file and select from VR5 GUI, then compiling the DEE template, enable DEE,

You will see the power levels on the VR5 GUI become to values below for the output port:

B1 Output Power Level = -43.77dBm

B2 Output Power Level = -43.77dBm

As we have around 13~14dB downlink path loss, we consider it into our VR5 and what has been displayed on the GUI is the power level received at UE.

If you will not use XD5 to connect to VR5, default downlink loss value will not be counted into VR5 software. 


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