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Positioning Application: Why do I get the same vehicle position when using BeiDou Geodetic and GPS Geodetic Reference

  • Positioning Application
  • Using same scenario but switching Geodetic Reference between GPS and BeiDou
  • The China Geodetic Co-Ordinate System 2000 (CGCS2000) is identical to GPS WGS-84 except for 3 parameters
    1. Geocentric gravitational constant
    2. Flattening (the net difference with respect to WGS-84 is very small and PosApp uses WGS-84 flattening regardless of the Geodetic Reference selected)
    3. Rate of Earth rotation - this will impact the perceived position with respect to the earth position
  • None of the above affect the actual ECEF position of the vehicle

Product : PosApp,GPS,BeiDou