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Spirent TestCenter: After DUT reload, Why are the DHCP sessions still up on Spirent port?

  • Spirent TestCenter
  • DHCP
  • Emulated DHCP client on Spirent port is working as expected.
  • When the router which is DHCP server goes down, DHCP Client emulated on Spirent port will be BOUND till the lease time expires and then tries to connect to DHCP server. As it does not receive any response from Server, it goes to IDLE state.
  • Related information from RFC:

3.7 When clients should use DHCP

A client SHOULD use DHCP to reacquire or verify its IP address and network parameters whenever the local network parameters may have changed; e.g., at system boot time or after a disconnection from the local network, as the local network configuration may change without the client's or user's knowledge.

If a client has knowledge of a previous network address and is unable to contact a local DHCP server, the client may continue to use the previous network address until the lease for that address expires. If the lease expires before the client can contact a DHCP server, the client must immediately discontinue use of the previous network address and may inform local users of the problem.

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