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Avalanche: Do we support RFC 6052 for IPv6? By enabling IPv6 over IPv4, we are transalting or tunneling?


Customer needs IPv6 addressing, compliant to RFC 6052 for their test . The issue is that he tests with a prefix length set to 40 / 32 he observes 2^32 IPV6 address exhaustion error.

Referring to our online doc, we fixed this issue by enabling IPv6 over IPv4 check mark, which mention the feature(IPv6 or IPv4) supportability as outlined in sec 2.2/2.4 rfc6052 and in turn support pure Ipv6 – Ipv4 translations. Once we enable IPv6 over IPv4 option then it will create a tunnel or it translate.


Avalanche implemented 6RD and 6to4 for tunneling IPv6 over IPv4. The option "Enable IPv6 over IPv4" in subnet is used for this feature and so we are not doing translation in this case.

Product : Avalanche,IPv6