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Positioning Application: Why does data logging 'by channel' default to GPS

  • PosApp
  • SimGEN
  • Data Logging Enabled
  • GPS plus another signal type enabled
  • This is due to the order in which data logging has been setup. For Example:
    • Set 'Tx type' to Galileo
    • Leave 'Tx ID/Channel' set at '1'
    • Tick 'by channel'
  • Using Figure 1, we can see that Channel 1 is occupied by a GPS satellite, therefore 'tx type' reverts back to GPS and the option to change 'tx type' is disabled (highlighted in Blue)
  • If you want to Log data for another Signal type, in this example Galileo SV A5, you would do the following:
    • Set 'Tx type' to Galileo
    • Specify the channel that SV A5 occupies (in the example Channel 33 highlighted in Red)
    • Now tick 'by channel'
  • For more information on the purpose of the 'by channel' option please view FAQ16755



Product : SimGEN,PosApp