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VR5:How to send RPI command through NI-VISA or Keysight IO Interface?


 When the script of the code need VISA interface through:

  • NI Test & Measurement Tool
  • Keysight IO Connection Expert

The socket connection is needed and you will confirm if the IP address and port number is set correctly according to your VR5 settings:

Host IP address:

Port: 3000

The RPI command will not come through and there is no response from Telnet server of VR5-HD RPI GUI


This is because the interpreter will need additional EOL (End Of Line) :\r

For example, if you want to change B1 output power from default to -50dBm, the command will looks like this:

PORT:B1:OUTPUT -50 \r\n

Product : VR5,VR5,VR5