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Spirent TestCenter: What is the behavior of the "Verify Result Value" command in the Command Sequencer?

  • Command Sequencer
    • Verify Results Value
  • The "Verify Result Value" in the Command Sequencer has an option to treat the failure of this selection as an error.
  • What does this check box mean?
    • With the box checked, it will follow the options indicated in: Tools->Options->Sequencer->Error Handling
      • Stop sequencer on errors
        • sequencer will go directly to the Stop Routine
      • Pause sequencer on errors
        • sequencer will pause and allow user to manually skip to next command, continue to next command, or stop the sequencer
      • Ignore errors
        • sequencer will continue to the next command
    • With the box unchecked, it is the same as ignore errors indicated above
      • sequencer will simply continue to the next command
  • Note that within the Verify Results Value the Object list does give you a StreamBlock selection but you can go to the Detailed Stream Results then right click on the stream counter you want to verify and select "Add Verify Command to Sequencer". 

Product : Spirent TestCenter,PGA