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Spirent TestCenter: Is multicast destination supported on EOAM Loopback messages?

  • EOAM Loopback destination address
  • Yes but only for ITU-T implementation. This is a specification issue. IEEE doesn't support multicast destination for Loopback messages.
  • IEEE 802.1ag-2007
    • 3.15 Loopback Message (LBM): A unicast CFM PDU transmitted by a MEP, addressed to a specific MP, in the expectation of receiving an LBR.
  • ITU-T G.8013/Y.1731
    • 7.2 Ethernet Loopback (ETH-LB)
    • Ethernet Loopback function (ETH-LB) is used to verify connectivity of a MEP with a MIP or peer MEP(s). There are two ETH-LB types:
      • Unicast ETH-LB
      • Multicast ETH-LB

Product : Spirent TestCenter,EOAM