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[Avalanche]: Can STC chassis be rebooted remotely using Avalanche Commander GUI?

Avalanche Commander GUI 
STC chassis
C100-MP, C100-S3, C1
  • Avalanche Commander GUI does not have capability to reboot C100-MP, C100-S3 chassis and C1 appliance remotely
  • Currently, Avalanche Commander GUI application only supports rebooting the legacy C100-U, C100-GT chassis. 

To reboot the C100-U, C100-GT using Avalanche GUI:

  1. Select Administration > Appliances... from the main menu. The Appliance Administration window appears.
  2. Click the Network Configuration tab.
  3. Right-click in the row of the appliance that you want to reboot, and select Reboot from the pop-up menu
Note: STC GUI application does support rebooting the C100-MP, C100-S3 and C1 remotely. To do this
  • Open STC GUI application
  • Connect to the desired chassis IP
  • Click Tools -> Equipment Information -> Select desired chassis -> Click Reboot

Product : Windows GUI,Avalanche